Heidrun Klos

The elusiveness of the term 'identity' leads to a weird friction between action and reaction, sending and receiving. I guess there are certain ubiquitous aspects, but also facts that are related to tradition, religion, education and culture. These manipulate the perception as well as the handling of identity, like codes we follow unconsciously. But still I have that disturbing feeling that there are parts of identity which can't be defined, that can't be lead back to one of the 'universal causes'. Aspects that allude to the understandable, to the concrete. That extract might be identity an sich, a purified version of what the abstract term is forced to be, forced to content. I am searching the friction, the contradiction, the real and the unreal, the surreal and dream, the phantasy, the illusion and delusion - and the question that remains in between all that: Not who am I, but what is 'me'? The connection with circumstances everyone is confronted with, the effects on identity, the consequences, the change that circumstances cause. In my photographs I try to reconstruct transcended identity in order to reveal the friction and to turn the unconcrete into something visible.